Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reflection of God

One year ago today, I was struggling to cook black beans and was rescued by Priscila!
I spent time going over my lists for Boys Camp which starts on Friday. For two years, I have not been involved and I feel quite out of it! We have twenty two boys this year.  We are praying for the boys and their leaders that it will be a time of growing closer to God as they camp, hike, canoe and enjoy His creation.
What is a day of life in north Idaho like?  One day last week .... Jared came rushing in from the chicken house yelling for a gun. There was a skunk in the chicken house. We rushed out and I let him shoot the skunk. After this, I had to take a shower before leaving for Sandpoint to begin the job of buying food for Boys Camp. I filled one cart full, took it out to my car and returned to the store for another cart load. By the time I got home, it was late afternoon. It was a hot day and so Vernon and Jared and I went and jumped in the creek. It was so refreshing in spite of the clouds of mosquito's. The rains have helped produce a bumper crop of the pests! The creek is still too high for good swimming for Jared, but any time in the water is just great with him.  Jeremy and Janice came over for the evening. We had a good time with them. Janice and the girls stayed here for the night because we were having a birthday party for Janice the next day with friends. Jeana went to Newport with Jeremy since she was going to be working over there  for a day. That was one day in Idaho that flew by.
While I have been working on these things, I have been thinking of a life that reflects God. Do I have times that I 'park' God while I do what I want to do and then pick Him up again when I am finished? If I am a reflection of God, then there can be no such thing as "parking ' God.  I pray I will be a clear reflection of Him all the time, in all I do!